Legend of Miro - Mini Games Announced

As stated in the previous article, Legend of Miro contains over a dozen mini games that will put the players mind to work and will test their imagination, math and logic skills, intuition and more.

There are various titles in the 2D Top Down RPG category, but most of these titles are generic and seem repetitive. Legend of Miro proposed to have a different approach and combine various elements to make the game more entertaining and different than what is already available on the market.
As the player progresses through the storyline, he will encounter various tasks that in order to complete, he will have to beat mini games. Below, you can find a detailed list and a short description for each mini game.

Image Puzzle

I am sure that most of you have started or maybe even completed a puzzle as a child, or even as an adult. This can be a relaxing, but challenging task to complete. In Legend of Miro, we approached puzzles a bit different, by integrating them in the story. There are different puzzles that you have to complete in order to finalize a task, that is part of a certain quest.

Word Puzzles

Word puzzles are going to test your language skills. Basically what the player has to do is to guess a certain word. As simple as this may seem, the player will be given random letters that they have to rearrange in order to form a certain word. Each try will give the player four attempts to guess the word. Although the player can form various words from the given letters, the goal is a certain word that can be formed from those letters.

Find the Eggs

Finding the eggs is an easier game, but it is based on luck. The main idea of the mini game is to find as many eggs as you possibly can, using only the three attempts. The more eggs you find, the better. Each egg you find increases your reward.
find the eggs

Find the Ball

This is a common luck game that is very popular among hustlers. The base idea is that there is a ball hidden under one of the three cups. The cups get mixed and at the end, you have to guess where the ball is. If you find it, you win. If you don't, then better luck next time.
cups game

Simon Says

Simon Says is a very known game in which the player is given a sequence of colors that he has to repeat. Every time the player gets the correct order, the game increases in difficulty. We adapted this mini game to Legend of Miro, and included another difficulty factor, in which the player has to specify the order in which the colors appear, and also how many time each color blinks.
simon says

Each of the mini-game is used to perform different tasks and complete various quests as you progress through the storyline. This system was intended to keep the player entertained and also to make each action more dynamic than just pressing a button to cut wood, mine, fish and so on.


VisualPath and IndieVision Studio is a partnership of two young developers of desktop games. The partnership was founded in 2015, and Legend of Miro is the first release on Steam. More info available at www.legendofmiro.com
IndieGogo Campaign: igg.me/at/legend-of-miro/x/3002698

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Inner Chains, the FPS horror game from Telepaths’ Tree, is growing in scale and set to be released at the turn of Q3 and Q4 2016.

The success of the Kickstarter campaign for Inner Chains and the growing interest in the game means Telepaths’ Tree have changed their development plans. They have moved the game’s release date to the turn of Q3 and Q4 2016 so that they can bring gamers the best FPS horror experience possible.

June 17th, Warsaw, Poland - Inner Chains was announced in September last year, immediately receiving attention from both the media and the gaming community. The interest the game generated was confirmed half a year later when Telepaths’ Tree launched the Kickstarter campaign for Inner Chains. Within just a week, Inner Chains had achieved its first goal of $10,000, and by the time the campaign was over the developers had managed to almost double this amount.
With such clear evidence of how much gamers liked the idea of Inner Chains, Telepaths’ Tree had to face a tough decision: whether to finish development on schedule, delivering what was promised, or to take some more time in order to bring FPS horror game fans out there a title that will be bigger in scale and richer in content, and that will truly meet gamers’ expectations.
We’ve spent long hours thinking what we should do – says Tomasz Strzałkowski, CEO of Telepaths’ Tree. On the one hand, we didn’t want to disappoint our Kickstarter backers’ trust. On the other, we’ve gathered almost twice as much money as we’ve asked for and nearly achieved our second stretch goal. This success clearly showed us that those who are waiting for Inner Chains actually want a more complex, more unique, and more challenging experience. That’s why in the end we decided to push back the launch date. But we’ve made this decision so that we’re actually able to deliver ALL the extra content that was promised in our stretch goals! So, as a thank you to all our backers, supporters, fans, and community members, we’re happy to announce that we’re adding 2 additional opponents to the game (1 human‑like and 1 animal-like), 3 more deadly plants you’ll need to watch out for, and a completely new additional alternative ending. On top of that, we’re also working on new gameplay solutions for the weapons you’ll have in hand and the way your arsenal will be upgraded. We’re positive that taking some more development time will allow us to deliver a truly unique game, which is what we set out to do from the very beginning – Strzałkowski added.
Inner Chains is an FPS horror game set in a surreal, dark, and deadly biomechanical world that resembles nothing you have ever encountered. In the world of Inner Chains, you don’t get to set the rules. You are just a small part of a hostile, unwelcoming universe. If you want to survive, the only thing you can do is to try to discover its secrets.
  • Unprecedented methods of interaction between weapons, their users, and the environment.
  • A dark biomechanical world where both fauna and flora lie in wait for your slightest stumble.
  • VR Support.
  • Stunning surreal visual style.
  • Deadly, intelligent, and challenging opponents.
  • Unusual locations with their own unique stories.
  • A dense, suggestive atmosphere of terror, magnified by the great soundtrack composed by Michał Staczkun.
  • Subtle thriller elements that will fill you with fear in unusual, inventive ways.
  • Thrilling action combined with an interesting, hair-raising story.
To follow the development of the game, visit Inner Chains’ official website http://innerchainsgame.com/, and the Facebookand Twitter profiles.

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Numbo Jumbo - A game about numbers that add up

Santa Cruz, June 19, 2016- Wombo Combo Games presents its first mobile game. Numbo Jumbo is an arcade puzzle number game for iOS and Android. It’s a game about grouping numbers that add together. For example, ‘3 5 8’ works because 3 + 5 = 8.

Numbo Jumbo is an exciting number game about putting your addition and pattern matching skills to the test. Numbered tiles present you with the chance to use your quick reflexes to sum numbers together; make larger combos for bonus points.

The game offers 4 game modes, which cater to various audiences:
  • Timed’ is a timed mode where the player swipes as many combos as they can within 60 seconds.
  • Moves’ is a relaxed mode with no time pressure where the player is limited to 20 moves.
  • Infinite’ is an endless mode with levels that challenges players by introducing larger numbers with each level, while the speed of the game ramps up gradually.
  • Stack’ is a similarly endless mode without time pressure, where each move causes the game to react by dropping an increasing number of blocks.
The well balanced features, and difficulty level in the game evoke within the player the sense of competition and accomplishment. Players compete versus their own scores as they complete various levels, and they also compete with their friends where they play for bragging rights.
“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” - Michael Jordan
Availability and system requirements: Numbo Jumbo requires a mobile device, such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.
About Wombo Combo Games
Wombo Combo Games, is an independent developer of web and mobile games. Since our founding in 2015, we have been working on our first title, Numbo Jumbo. To learn more visit us online at www.numbojumbo.com
Press Info:
Wombo Combo Games 
Name: Kaveh Daryabeygi / Brett Hatch
Mobile: 650 669 3969 / 831 246 4617
Email: kaveh.darya@gmail.combrettmhatch@gmail.com
Press Kit: http://numbojumbo.com/presskit

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Monochroma Launches On Xbox One, June 24th

Begin Your Journey into Nowhere Studios Tale of Bravery and Discovery

Istanbul, Turkey, June 20, 2016  
Nowhere Studios today announced that Monochroma, its cinematic dystopian puzzle platformer, will launch on Xbox One on June 24th  for 9,99$. Monochroma is a puzzle – platform video game developed and published by Nowhere Studios. The game was released in May 2014, on Windows PC, Mac and Linux on Steam.
The story is set in a dystopian state in the 1950’s, where two brothers witness a horrific crime committed by an evil corporation. The player guides the elder brother through traps as he searches for his little brother. Without cutscenes, text or spoken words, players must delve intellectually and emotionally into the story to help the brothers work together to progress past mind-bending puzzles and save the world from tyranny.
About Monochroma
Spread over four chapters, discover vast ghettos built upon thousands of tenement buildings that reach into the clouds, a labyrinth of sewer tunnels, factories bellowing out industrial smoke and a city sized zeppelin hovering in the sky. The puzzles encountered in Monochroma are realistic and use physics to naturally blend with the environment.
Another Monochroma trademark is the relationship between the two brothers. The gameplay mechanic defines Monochromaas a cerebral, methodical puzzle game that rewards players who are caring and brave at the same time.
Gevende, famous Turkish indie rock band, performed Monochroma soundtrack and released it on Spotify. 
To learn more about Monochroma visit:

Next Project:
The new game series "The Fate of Dan Black" is on development for Xbox One, PS4, PC and mobiles&tablets. The studio is planning to release its new title in late 2016. It's an episodic cinematographic cyberpunk space adventure with a branching story in Choose Your Own Adventure books format.
About Nowhere Studios
A beacon of light in the Turkish games development region, Nowhere Studios was established in 2010 with the goal of bringing emotional and intellectual indie-minded games with top-notch production to players all around the world.  
Tolga AltugNowhere Studiostolga.altug@nowherestudios.com

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The Karters, a racing game where Mario Kart meets Crash Team Racing, will debut on Steam EarIy Access on September 28th this year.

Cmoar Studio is happy to announce that fans of the classic Crash Team Racing now waiting impatiently for The Karters will be able to buy the Early Access version of the game starting September 28th this year.

Earlier this year, fans of classic racing games such as Crash Team Racing got all excited when Cmoar Studio announced its team was working on The Karters, a title clearly inspired by CTR’s gameplay and overall design. Today the developers are back with even more exciting news, as The Karters will debut on Steam Early Access on September 28th 2016.

The game was announced at the end of April this year, immediately winning the hearts of gamers and quickly being Greenlit on Steam. More recently, the developers showed the game off for the first time to both players and journalists at the Digital Dragons conference, where The Karters got tons of positive feedback and comments from the community. Check out the short video HERE to see how much fun people who tried the game were having!
And on top of that The Karters was also noticed by Unity engine creators who got in touch with Cmoar Studio developers and invited them to take part in Made with Unity program! This resulted with The Karters being featured not only in Trailers section: https://madewith.unity.com/trailers
After such a warm welcome, the developers decided to launch The Karters on Steam Early Access on September 28th this year to work closely with the fans of the genre to ensure the best arcade racing experience possible. Make sure to add The Karters to your wishlist on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/488350/ to get a notification when the game becomes available.
The Early Access version of the game will include the following features: 
  • 5 unique characters, each brought to life with beautiful animations
  • 4 exciting maps: Lush Jungle, Sundown Beach, Dusty Canyon, and Rave Town
  • The Battle Arena, where you’ll be able to smash your opponents
  • Multiple shattering weapons so you’re able you to finish off your rivals
  • Single player, as well as local and global multiplayer modes
The Karters is an arcade karting game inspired by Crash Team Racing’s gameplay, dynamics, and overall design. The title will allow you to grab merciless weapons, compete with your opponents, and smash them in the Arena. You’ll also be able to challenge your friends in local or global multiplayer – but only one of you can be victorious. Pick one of the thrilling maps and try to find different routes to outsmart your rivals and get the gold!
To learn more about it, visit the official website www.thekarters.com, and our Facebook and Twitter profiles. You can also watch the announcement trailer HERE.
About Cmoar Studio:
Cmoar Studio is an indie studio from Poland, currently made up of 9 people. The studio, which has a highly successful track record in mobile VR applications (Cmoar Cinema and Cmoar Rollercoaster), is now bringing its first game to PC.https://cmoar.com/cmoar-studio/

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Digital Melody celebrates UEFA Euro 2016 championships with a Soccer Hit! The game will launch on iOS and Android on June 22nd.

Experience soccer like you never did before, thanks to the new mobile game from Digital Melody developers - Soccer Hit!

Digital Melody – the company behind such mobile hits as Timberman (35 million downloads) and Surfingers (3 million downloads) – does not slow down and this time has surprised us with an innovative approach to a seemingly trite topic… soccer!
Watch Soccer Hit launch trailer HERE.

Soccer Hit is a dynamic mobile sports game with intuitive one-button control. While attacking, players will have to focus on precise passes and powerful kicks that will startle the goalkeeper. While defending, they will have to be fast enough to intercept the ball from the opponent and avoid a counter-attack. Soccer Hit is above all meant to bring joy to players, enhance the soccer experience, and enable players to carry out phenomenal moves that they will want to share with their friends and the whole community.

The main goal of Soccer Hit was to provide an innovative approach to soccer for mobile devices. We didnt want to copy other games or turn to joystick control, which is used in most rival companies games. Our intention was to create the best soccer game for mobile devices, a game that makes full use of their characteristics. Im convinced that weve managed to achieve that – said Piotr Stalewski, Digital Melody Developer.
In the game you can play with one of over 200 national teams. You will see soccer kits that match those of national teams and play matches at one of a dozen stadiums, all while being surprised by varied weather conditions such as downpours or blizzards. Some other great features include various gameplay modes (quick match, career mode, or championships). The players will also be able to win a dozen cups, and their desire to play will be increased by the ability to unlock soccer ball cards and additional kits.

The visual style was meant to bring to mind foosball and button soccer. It was supposed to be simple, but fresh. And it had to fit 22 players on one phone screen – Grzegorz Czesław Pamuła, Digital Melody Graphic Designer, added.
The game is being released in a very hot period for soccer fans: during Euro 2016 and Copa América. In the nearest future, it will also be available on Apple TV and it is going to be enhanced with challenge modes, as well as a Multiplayer Online version. Updates and expansions have been planned for the rest of the year.

The most important things in soccer are the emotions and fun. We wanted you to remember the moment you score a goal for a very long time. Simple gameplay and a lot of teams is our idea for a soccer hit – Paweł Jędrysiak, Digital Melody Project Manager, sums up.
  • Over 200 national teams.
  • 3 gameplay modes (championships, career mode, and friendly games).
  • 12 cups to win.
  • Various pitches and weather conditions.
  • No offsides or red cards.
  • Penalty kicks.
  • Replay sharing.
Soccer Hit will be available for free starting June 22nd (or June 23rd depending on a time zone) on iOS and Android. It will also debut on tvOS on July 7th. Windows Phone release date is to be announced.

For more information about the game please visit the official Facebook profile and developer's website: http://www.digitalmelody.pl/en/games/

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Ortus Arena is coming to Steam

Firebrush Studios and Plug In Digital announce collaboration

It took some time but here is some news about the release of Ortus Arena.We teamed up with Plug In Digital and together we are going to Steam this summer!

Firebrush Studios , an independent studio in Netherlands, and Plug In Digital a French distributor, are collaborating to release Ortus Arena this summer on Steam. Plug In Digital, who distributes «Colonial Conquest» as well as Paradox games like «Europa Universalis», will also add «Ortus Arena» to their catalog.
After 2 years of development and an open beta last view months we are ready to release. The feedback from all the beta testers helped us a lot and we are confident that we have a good product to push to the digital board gaming community. Firebrush Studios is glad to see Ortus Arena being added in this portfolio along with other nice strategy games.
Ortus Arena is a quick turn-based game for two players. It invites everyone to sit down for 20 minutes of clever tactics. You take control of a small band of specialized warriors, each of them is disciplined in one of the original elements, from the elusive Winds and twin Fires to the ungraspable Earth and fatal Waters. Players battle for control of the Energy Well, scattered around the Arena. The Energy collected from these Wells can in turn be spent on maneuvering warriors, executing attacks and fighting off opponents. Can you master every element and thus prove yourself the superior tactician? We shall see.
Learn more about Ortus Arena here: www.ortusgame.com/blog/presskit
Firebrush Studios is a young game company based in Utrecht, the Netherlands that creates authentic, engaging and educational experiences. More informations at: http://firebrushstudios.com/
Please feel free to contact me for more information.
Martijn Poels

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Little Green Men studio gets back to Starpoint Gemini universe with Starpoint Gemini Warlords. New update released.

Starpoint Gemini Warlords - the next installment of the highly successful Starpoint Gemini series, gets a massive update on Steam Early Access, including two new spaceships and a new DaVinci research station.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April 13th, Zagreb, Croatia.
Happy Friday 13th everybody! We hope that this day will become a little bit brighter for all you space sim freaks out there, as we've just released quite an update to our Starpoint Gemini Warlords game.  So if you missed the news about Steam Early Access launch, dive right into what we've been lately cooking for you guys!

Fond of CG Trailers? HERE'S one for you. More into regular gameplay footage? We've got you covered - CLICK. Familiar with Starpoint Gemini series already and would simply like to jump straight into the game? Be our guest: http://store.steampowered.com/app/419480/
Starpoint Gemini Warlords is a unique blend of space sim, RPG and 4X games. One that will allow you to conduct research and construction in your own gigantic space station, command your war fleets and heroic companions to invade enemy territory, build up your stronghold, trade, mine, salvage and remind your enemies why they should be afraid of you.

Created from the feedback and suggestions of the highly active player community, Starpoint Gemini Warlords is everything that players asked for in Starpoint Gemini 2, but that was simply too extensive to be added at the point. Here's what Mario Mihokovic - the Head of Little Green Men Studio, has to say about Starpoint Gemini Warlords origins:

Starpoint Gemini Warlords is a spin-off title in Starpoint Gemini Universe. Our main idea was to upgrade original game mechanics with an entire new layer of gameplay elements, that gamers might be familiar with from 4X and strategic games. How does it work exactly? Well imagine everything you could do in Starpoint Gemini 2 – exploring huge open world, galaxy trading, plundering, smuggling, fighting enemies, winning a battle. Now add to it the ability to do all that on a global scale with global consequences.

In Starpoint Gemini 2 you could enter a combat and win the day leaving mark on that area and taking the spoils of war for yourself. In Starpoint Gemini Warlords after you win the battle, you will be able to plant your flag in that area of space, build defensive and spy structures and annex it to faction territory you control. Moreover in the heart of your „state“ you can build and evolve your massive HQ station. Every module you build gives you the access to new gameplay elements – building multiple fleets, using trade fleets, managing diplomacy with other factions etc. In essence, Warlords is Starpoint Gemini 2 on heavy steroids. But since it is a NEW game, each part of the game content is new as well – NEW ship models, NEW storyline, NEW soundtrack, NEW Voice Overs. Everything players asked for in Starpoint Gemini 2, and we couldn't add to original game, will find its way to Starpoint Gemini Warlords.

  • The full game world which is almost 10 times larger than the game world in Starpoint Gemini 2.
  • Storyline prologue and the Conquest mode.
  • Headquarters being about 50% complete.
  • 13 out of 19 planned freelance mission types and roughly half the modifiers.
  • 50% of planned ships (approx. 40).
  • 60% of random encounter types and roughly half the modifiers.
  • 1 of 4 character classes.
  • Most of the ships' equipment and weapons.
  • Two new ships are now available: Caelifer and Dynastes. You can purchase them on Concordia!
  • New station model added - The DaVinci research station, that now looks quite differently.
  • Platforms now have the Mark target available on the context menu.
  • Fleets now have some tooltip info available on the Starchart
  • Turret view status icon added to the HUD
  • A "Game over - You died" panel was added.
The full list of changes is available HERE.
The game is now available on PC with more platforms to be announced in the feature. No release date has been confirmed yet. For more information about the game please visit the official website: www.starpointgemini.comFacebook and Twitterprofiles.

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Crazy Pixel Streaker goes gold for PC on June 7th

Barcelona - May 25th - The Spanish indie studio Lubiterum and its publisher The Sidekicks, are happy to announce that Crazy Pixel Streaker will be right on time to spread chaos during the summer sports events. The game will be officially available for PC on June 7th.

For the past few weeks, the game was on early access on Steam. As planned, the dev team took advantage of this special stage to gather feedbacks from the community and to add lots of new content, features and even more crazy stuff.

The Gold Crazy Pixel Streaker will offer the players:
  • More weapons 
  • Adjusted difficulty
  • New Random events in the story mode
  • Coop online gaming for 4 players
  • 3 new mini games
  • And tons of bug fixes and new features
As a reminder, Crazy Pixel Streaker is an insane brawler game with roguelike elements. It offers instant fun in a retro arcade style for up to 4 players. Players lead a fellowship of jackasses abducted by angry aliens and forced to spread chaos into the most famous sports events (!). In order to survive the waves of security agents, they will need to use stupid weapons like watermelon bazooka or Coke & Mentos Grenades. They will get to fight epic bosses and even ride a magical rainbow pig!
The game will be available at 18:00 CST on 7th June on all digital pc gaming retailers with special offers on Humble Store and Green Man Gaming.
Note that consoles players will also enjoy Crazy Pixel Streaker soon. The game is scheduled for PS4 and Xbox One for Q4 2016.
Crazy Pixel Streaker will be available in 5 languages (French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese) at the price of € 9.99 / $ 9.99 / £ 6.99.

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Brightrock Games Launches War for the Overworld’s First Expansion - Heart of Gold

Dungeon management game War for the Overworld’s first expansion, Heart of Gold, is out now for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The Emperor is gone and the Empire rudderless, the balance of power easily swayed to any Underlord that is not 600 feet under. Players now assume the role of the gold-hungry Underlord Kasita, and with the mentorship of the despicable Mendechaus (voiced by Richard Ridings), will sate their thirst for wealth and power in the golden dukedom of Phaestus.
The word in the Underworld is that Kasita’s heart is a giant gemstone, hewn from the dirt by her prospecting workers. They say molten gold flows through her cavernous, subterranean arteries, and that soon her temper shall erupt in an all-consuming gold rush of greed! Miserly miners beware, because that day has come.

Heart of Gold features:

  • An expanded story told across 4 brand new, fully voice acted Campaign levels, this time played from the perspective of Underlord Kasita. The levels are more open-ended than in the original game, directly addressing feedback from our most loyal Underlords.
  • New enemies to wage war against including the wizard Mandalf the Maroon, and the entire family of the Duke of Phaestus.
  • An additional 4 Aspects to master: Sentinel (defence), Gild (spell), Aureate Monolith (construct), and a new golden Titan - the Colossus.
  • Three new Dungeon Themes, including a theme for Kasita featuring Dungeon Core, tiles and walls, Worker skin, and Hand of Evil.
  • New terrain such as lava chasms and lava falls, which bring the volcanic land of Phaestus to life.
Heart of Gold is priced at just £5.59 / $7.99 / €7.99, and is available to purchase now via WFTOGame.comSteamGreen Man Gaming.

The expansion constitutes the Early Adopter Bonus for those that purchased War for the Overworld on or before May 2nd, 2015 (which includes Kickstarter backers, Early Access customers, and owners of the physical Underlord Edition). These players can download Heart of Gold from Steam for free right now.
Heart of Gold releases alongside the free patch 1.4, Gold Rush, which is the fortieth patch to the base game since it launched a year ago.
Features in patch 1.4:
  • Contextual tutorial system
  • Revamped Titan system
  • Improved combat
  • New unit voices, VFX, animations and behaviours
  • Significant performance improvements
  • New UI features and options such as area of effect indicators on spells and defences
  • Improvements to the original campaign
  • New localisation into French and German
War for the Overworld is a highly-praised Dungeon Management Game developed by Brightrock Games (formerly Subterranean Games), which was released on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux on April 2nd, 2015.


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Major June Update brings Guild Battles to Guardian Hunter!

- New Areas to explore, New Monsters to fight, New Shop Guild Battles!
- Fight the bosses with friends in this new co-op live gameplay!

SANTA MONICA, CALIF. – June 1st, 2016 – NHN Entertainment and Guardian Hunter are bringing more Hunters together with Guild Battles and Live Co-Op Play!  Gather your allies and fight against the thousands of monsters in our 7th Update in Season 2 of Guardian Hunter!
With the new Live Co-Op system, you can bring your friends with you into levels to hunt down bosses, beat tricky levels, and just show off your Guardians’ skills!  Take on intense raid bosses with your friends! Be the first to beat the New Area, Astanian Temple!  New stages with new monsters to fight and new Guardians to collect accompany this quest to aid the mysterious Lupe.  Conquer your enemies in Guardian Hunter!
Customize your equipment even further with our New Equipment Gem system.  Equip gems to your Hunter’s weapons and armor and greatly increase the amount of damage their can dish out and the amount they can soak up!  Choose from a variety of elemental attributes to focus on or craft your own for even more customization.  Level up your gems to receive some special skill options, too!
We know you Hunters love to take down the dozens of bosses already in Guardian Hunter, so we’ve added many more!  From the depths of the ocean to the fiery heart of a volcano, you can find additional Boss Raids focused on testing your newly equipped Gems!  Come prepared with high level Guardians for these intense Boss Battles to have a chance to survive!  Get the chance to win some epic equipment and items from these challenging raid encounters!
We’re also happy to introduce our first foray into Guild Battles!  Don’t fight alone!  Gather your Guild and fight together.  All guild members set their defensive deck of Guardians while the Guild Master determines the Magic Cards to use during the war.  This magic bonus is applied to all allies and one will be randomly assigned to your defensive deck whenever you are attacked.  Both Guilds will also be able to determine 3 Guardians that cannot be used during the Guild War, so be careful when levelling up your Guardians.  You want to have some diversity when planning your defense and planning your attacks! 
During the Guild War you’ll have time to match up your Guardians, Magic Cards, and banned Guardians against your opponent.  Plan carefully because you’ll only have 2 attack chances to defeat your foe’s Guardians!  And ultimate victory for the Guild War is determined by the sum of all Guild Points at the end of the Guild War.  Look on our Facebook and Forum for more details! 

 Key Features of the Update

  • Live Co-Op! – Play with Friends and Allies in real time with live co-op! Raid the boss monsters and fight for epic equipment in hundreds of stages. 
  • New Area: Astania Temple – Explore the new area of the Astania Temple. Help Lupe fight the new monsters, summon new Guardians, and clear the 5 new stages of this realm.
  • Guild Battle – Compete against dozens of Guilds in the Guild Battle. Create your team and coordinate with your Guild Master to annihilate your opponents!  Use your strength, magic, and strategy to overcome your foes.
  • New Gem Equipment System – Empower your weapons and armor by socketing them with elemental gems. Give unique attributes such as fire and ice damage to your weapons or soak up damage by equipping the gems to your armor.
  • Pop-Up Special Shop – Expand your options with new Pop-Up stores where you’ll have access to new sales and cooler items!
  • Title: Guardian Hunter: Super Brawl RPG
  • OS:Android / iOS
  • Update Date: May 26th, 2016
  • Pricing:Free (In App Purchase)
  • Genre: Action, RPG
  • Language: English, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Korean
  • Developer: Troll Games
Links to ‘Guardian Hunter: Super Brawl RPG’ Assets
About the developer Troll Games
Troll Games is a mobile game developer operated by fifteen young developers and artists. Established in 2012 with only three staff members, it has grown dramatically with the development of Guardian Hunter: Super Brawl RPG. Thanks to their experience with mobile game development, Guardian Hunter has benefited from the beautiful 3D graphics and real-time action multiplayer. They are working on future titles based on this engine.
About the Publisher NHN Entertainment
NHN Entertainment USA is a game developer and publisher well known for its online game portal site HANGAME which services PC games with various genres including casual, web board, RPG, FPS, and sports games. In the mobile game business, NHN Entertainment USA is expanding its global presence with both in-house and published games such as Crusaders Quest, Wooparoo Mountain, Pokopang, and LINE POP. NHN Entertainment USA is growing into the global game market with its networks in Japan (NHN PlayArt) and Korea (NHN Entertainment). Recently, it started IT-based businesses including Hangame (mobile games publishing), Comico (webtoons), Payco (payment), and Cross-Border e-Commerce focusing on both B2B and B2C marketplaces.
For more information, please contact:

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In extra time, Striker Rush Tournament arrives for Euro 2016

London, 14 June 2016: Striker Rush Tournament the latest title from 1DER Entertainment is now available for free on iOS and Android.

It’s the ideal title for people who cannot get enough of the  football - now even the 15 minutes between halves can be filled with football gaming.
In Striker Rush Tournament players enjoy the endless runner concept with a twist. They are challenged to make split decisions along the way, then at the end of each section they have to take a shot and score. All the European nations taking part in this year’s tournament are represented, as well as other nations from around the globe.  There’s a leaderboard where players can compare their home country and other nations achievements, and three different types of gameplay let users enjoy the game in a variety of formats.
The 1DER Entertainment team, renowned for its sumptuous artwork, has put together this incredibly fun title. The studio has worked with the likes of Sine Mora from Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality, Perfect Dark, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Dawn of Discovery, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, King Arthur series and  Jurassic: The Hunted. The 1DER team has supported on some incredible games on all formats but it concentrates on mobile for its own rapidly expanding roster of titles.
Balazs Bodocs, co-founder and Managing Director of 1DER ‘We’ve got the game out for the Euros and it’s ironic the game has ‘rush’ in the title as this is very last minute! Football fans can play at half time, in between games, or whenever they want to boost their country up the leaderboard. We’ll be closely following the tournament and hope all the nations watching around the world will give the game a try. Hopefully they will enjoy playing our football based runner as much as we enjoyed making it.’

Need a mobile football title to play in between games for the Euros? Then download Striker Rush Tournament today.

1DER Entertainment Ltd. is a Developer and Publisher of gaming and entertainment software for mobile devices and personal computers. 1DER Entertainment Ltd. was founded by industry experts with massive game development and distribution business experience. The high-profile 2D and 3D art capabilities of their strategic development partner, OtherSide OutSourcing (www.os-os.net), grants the highest art quality for 1DER Entertainment Ltd. titles. The mission of 1DER Entertainment is to deliver wonderful entertainment for gamers on various platforms. www.1der-ent.com.
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