Early Access PC RPG Kenshi Releases Massive Content Update

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Bristol, UK - July 1st, 2016 - Today marks the release of open world base-building RPG Kenshi’s second world map update on Steam Early Access. This will double the size of the current playable area to 90 square miles of explorable terrain and unique biomes - and that’s still only one quarter of the total area to come.

What is Kenshi?

Think samurai filled wasteland of relentless doom, all rolled into a base-building sandbox, rpg-rts hybrid. With survival elements and challenging gameplay, Kenshi is unlike other RPGs in that you are not special, that you have to work hard and take your beatings in order to succeed. Gameplay is completely open-ended, meaning you can go out and make your own story: Be a thief, a trader, a warlord, an adventurer... or just food for the cannibals.

Included in the update:

  • New biomes with ancient artifacts, forgotten ruins and hidden factions to explore.
  • New enemies and new species to survive against.
  • Extra dialogue and unique recruitable characters.
  • Added readable books and lost notes for insight into the lore of Kenshi.
  • Added hydroponic indoor farming techs
  • Added rain watering farms and crops

Useful Information:

Kenshi (Early Access) is available now for the RRP of $19.99. It’s currently in the summer Steam sale at 33% off until July 4th. Buy it on SteamHumble Bundle and Green Man Gaming.
For interviews, key requests and all other enquiries, contact Natalie at nat [@] lofigames.com. Alternatively, you can find our press kit at www.lofigames.com/press

About Us:

Kenshi is Lo-Fi Games’ first public project, developed since 2006. With the majority of this time run solo by Chris Hunt, the company since expanded to a small team of six developers. We’re passionate (and stubborn) about dedicating our time to making a unique and ambitious game, not focused on profit. Free demo and info available at www.lofigames.com/

Contact Info:

Twitter: @lofigames
Facebook: Kenshi Official
Website: www.lofigames.com
Press kit: www.lofigames.com/press
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTCW10GGGZo
Email: nat [at] lofigames.com

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