Ortus Arena is coming to Steam

Firebrush Studios and Plug In Digital announce collaboration

It took some time but here is some news about the release of Ortus Arena.We teamed up with Plug In Digital and together we are going to Steam this summer!

Firebrush Studios , an independent studio in Netherlands, and Plug In Digital a French distributor, are collaborating to release Ortus Arena this summer on Steam. Plug In Digital, who distributes «Colonial Conquest» as well as Paradox games like «Europa Universalis», will also add «Ortus Arena» to their catalog.
After 2 years of development and an open beta last view months we are ready to release. The feedback from all the beta testers helped us a lot and we are confident that we have a good product to push to the digital board gaming community. Firebrush Studios is glad to see Ortus Arena being added in this portfolio along with other nice strategy games.
Ortus Arena is a quick turn-based game for two players. It invites everyone to sit down for 20 minutes of clever tactics. You take control of a small band of specialized warriors, each of them is disciplined in one of the original elements, from the elusive Winds and twin Fires to the ungraspable Earth and fatal Waters. Players battle for control of the Energy Well, scattered around the Arena. The Energy collected from these Wells can in turn be spent on maneuvering warriors, executing attacks and fighting off opponents. Can you master every element and thus prove yourself the superior tactician? We shall see.
Learn more about Ortus Arena here: www.ortusgame.com/blog/presskit
Firebrush Studios is a young game company based in Utrecht, the Netherlands that creates authentic, engaging and educational experiences. More informations at: http://firebrushstudios.com/
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Martijn Poels

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