Ultimate Jan Ken Pon is now available for free on Android

The gates of the dojo are now open!

After more than two years of work, we are very pleased to announce that Ultimate Jan Ken Pon is now available for free on the Google Play Store!
Ultimate Jan Ken Pon is an online battle game based on the rules of the famous Rock Paper Scissors game. Dynamic and fun, players collect, train and equip their "guardian spirits" who thanks to the means of unique delirious special moves, confront online opponents.
Strategy, reflex, dexterity and rhythm echo the traditional origins of “JAN KEN PON″. This comic and whacky game takes place in a world influenced by Asian culture and manga.
Frequent updates will be bringing new characters and a story mode is already in preparation.
You now have no more excuses for not having already begun your rise to fame.

Ultimate Jan Ken Pon is a modernised version of the game rock, paper, scissors in which the fighters compete to become the grand Dojo master of Jan Ken Pon. To achieve their quest, the player will have to use their strategic sense to win the many fights and progress in the mastery of this ancestral martial art.
The rules of the game rock, paper, scissors are known worldwide. The set of features and the number of special moves (called Jin’rais) that the player will have to discover will demand perseverance in order to master all of the subtleties. Ultimate Jan Ken Pon doesn’t only fit into one genre. We find a strategic aspect as well as reflex, dexterity and rhythm, echoing the traditional origins of Jan Ken Pon″. The game is characterised by a comic and whacky orientation situated in a world marked by Asian culture and manga.


The game takes place in a crazy world inspired by medieval Japan and populated by anthropomorphic animals of all kinds. The player starts the story by reaching the only “Jan Ken Pon” dojo in the region, in the hope of being chosen by the Master of the dojo and so becoming an “apprentice”. At that point, the apprentices will be assigned a spirit guardian who will allow them to transcend the combat techniques of “Jan Ken Pon”. They will discover that it is then possible to achieve a perfect partnership with their spirit guardians in order to perform special moves called “Jin’rais”. Unfortunately, just after their arrival, an apprentice will go to a cursed place in the dojo and release all the evil energy which was confined.
The balance of the world will then be broken. Who will manage to reestablish it?


  • Accessible and profound “Easy to learn, Hard to master”
  • Regular events (tournaments, collaborative combats)
  • Craft system
  • Player against player fights
  • Turn-based system

About Bakcorpstudio

Bakcorpstudio is a young independent studio from Montpellier gathering passionate video game players, having a common goal to create innovative and quality video games aimed at a large audience.
We develop our own creations focusing on humour, gaming pleasure and graphic quality with the goal of bringing more fun in multi-player games.
And of course HAVE FUN ! ;)
Please report any bug at support@ultimate-jkp.com
/!\ Your device will need at least 250Mo of free RAM
iOS version is coming soon !

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