Battles of Norghan on Steam Greenlight

June 10, 2016, Thailand, Bangkok - Battles of Norghan  was just added to Steam Greenlight.

Battles of Norghan is a truly unique fantasy turn-based strategy game with RPG and team managing elements.
Imagine a football manager game with fantasy world creatures such as orcs, drakes and minotaurs and turn-based strategy battles instead of football matches. There's also spells to learn and use and equipment to buy along with training your team. This game has a lot of depth and replayability.
Recruit mercenaries from 22 different fantasy races and classes and manage dozens of fighters as they battle in a variety of different terrains against easy to highly intelligent AI or other player-controlled clans. Train and hone each fighter’s skill through monthly training as well as directly in combat. Build secondary skills such as dodging, shield blocking and dual wielding as well as attributes such as strength, intelligence, hit points, and magic points. There are 200 items and 42 spells available to equip your gladiators, including armors, bows, weapons, magical staves, and more! As each combatant grows with your clan they will age as well and eventually retire. Careful planning and management of your clan can ensure you never have an off season.
More screenshots and free Windows demo version is available on
Contact:  Tero Miettunen 
Mitorah Games - Director

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