A Room Beyond - Episode 2 released now

Indie Point and Click Adventure

A Room Beyond is a point and click adventure game for PC/Mac in retro pixel style with some 3D enhancements. Its story covers elements of crime, mystery and spirituality in a fantasy world. When you awake, you find yourself trapped in a gloomy cave in a foggy forest. Help the villagers to solve the mystery of the murderous "Fog Wanderer" and uncover the fate that brings you to this place.

Episode 2 released now

The adventure continues now in Episode 2 of the five-part saga.
Synopsis: After the dramatic events in the forest you follow a lonely character in search of company. Contrary to expectations, the village is abandoned and destroyed. Only a god-fearing monk could help. But he is hiding somewhere within the walls of an old monastery fearing the Wanderer and his deadly evocations.
Features: Episode 2 is released on Steam on June 3rd, 2016. The update extends the storyline started in Episode 1 with completely new content. Players explore two new regions, Village and Monastery, presented in 56 new screens and camera angles. Over 50 critters and creatures await for interaction in one of the two complete new game play modes Combat or NPC cooperation. Branching and interaction dependent storyline adds complexity to the story progess. Dialog trees with topics of choice can be used to dive into story details or to get hints on how to proceed. Spencer Bambrick created exclusive sound tracks which increase the mystery atmosphere of the new regions. Additionally 7 new achievements can be earned by Steam players.
Episode 2 can be purchased via Steam Early Access now.
Screenshot from Episode 2
Screenshot from Episode 2
Screenshot from Episode 2

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