Quaser now available on Google Play

June 11, 2016- Kodsay Software is happy to announce that the sci-fi resource management game Quaser is now available for purchase on Google Play, featuring an innovative simulated book interface, high-quality illustrations and a roguelike gameplay.

"In Quaser, you job is to monitor and manage 5 sections of the spaceship with 4 different types of primary resources. Your resources are decreasing at a fast rate. Your main goal is to get to your destination before your resources run out."
The year is 2133. You are on board the spaceship Quaser. You have to survive managing 5 different sections of the ship with limited resources until you reach your destination: Hydra 228.
9 years ago, the spaceship Demeter, started its journey to the planet 228 Hydra. At the end of its journey, while orbiting the planet, an anomaly occurred. All communication is lost since then. But before cut-off from Earth, strange encrypted messages received from the ship.
After eighteen months of preparation, spacecraft Quaser is set on route to unravel the mystery surrounding the incident and save the crew.
But about halfway over, things started to go wrong. With ship wide system failures and ever decreasing resources, chances of successfully completing the mission seems more distant than ever...
  • A dark and melancholic ambience
  • Hard sci-fi adventure
  • Handwritten game book storyline
  • Innovative gameplay
  • Polished HD graphics

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