A breakthrough in mobile MOBA!

MOBA breakthrough for Mobile!

MOBAs on mobile are insipid: None of them offer both gameplay and ergonomics adapted to our phones. BAClash was created to solve both issues : an exclusive cocktail of physics and best in the genre strategies for amazing mobile gameplay. Developed by Feerik Games, BAClash is already available worldwide on Android and iOS.

The walls of the arena stop at the edges of your screen for tight intense tactical combat, where each move counts under a slide of your finger.
3 lanes, tower destruction and a final assault to conquer the enemy base! All these elements make of BAClash a PvP game, quickly giving you the same sensations as the best MOBAs available on the market.

BAClash also has an in-game clan system to exchange spells and strategies between players worldwide to climb the charts.
BAClash takes place in a fantasy universe, supported by colorful artwork and a soundtrack composed by Christophe Héral (Rayman Origins, Beyond Good and Evil).
Finally, a true breakthrough in mobile MOBA gaming!


  • Free-to-play MOBA developed for mobile platforms (smartphones and tablets),
  • Innovative gameplay based on turn-based strategy,
  • Dynamic physics system,
  • Social functionality: opportunities to create or join a clan, trade spells, discussion,
  • 8 playable mercenaries upon launch.
Visit the Press Kit, containing logos, illustrations, and screenshots of the game..


About Féérik Games

Frederic Markus, director of Feerik Games, has some 27 years of experience in the video game industry. He has held important positions among the largest companies in the business: Ubisoft, Rockstar San Diego, Disney Interactive, LucasArts and Epic Games.
In 2015, he acquired Feerik studios, specialized and renowned for its expertise in browser-based, and later mobile, free-to-play titles (34 games developed in 10 years), such as Eredan Arena, Eredan iTCG and OhMyDollz. His knowledge of the international market is a major asset to the company.
In 2016, Feerik Games is starting a new adventure by releasing its first mobile title: BAClash.


Caroline IMBERT
Mobile: (+33)6 32 89 42 43

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